Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tracklist: Faster Than Robots - Only Romance

If sounds and styles could be copyrighted, Thurston and Kim would be getting on the phone to this Lowestoft trio right about now enquiring about the dissonant noise breakdowns in the middle of insistent US mid-80s underground line this follows. Sugar Kane, 100%, all those. But then Yuck have made great strides out of Anglo-Xeroxing the late 80s SST roster and Faster Than Robots, going on their Answers On A Postcard EP, don't have time for the too-cool-for-school longeurs that blight Yuck's album. Moreover this is a hell of a ride, coasting on a churning art-pop riff amidst the outbreaks of pedal abuse. It seems an album is already virtually ready. Keep an eye out.

01 Only Romance by fasterthanrobots

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