Friday, May 06, 2011

Tracklist: Gazelle Twin - I Am Shell I Am Bone

You'd think with a music press too easily charmed by the likes of Anni Rossi that Brightonian Elizabeth Walling, AKA Gazelle Twin, might have gained more attention for something this skirting the edge of normality in emotive girl plus electronics terms. A secretive self-described visual artist who plays with the notion of electropop and wears masks and elaborate costumes live - now, who on earth could that be taking after? - her creeped out vocal drifts atop layers of electronic signals, synths, beats, peaks and troughs, establishing the landscape that the chills will arrive within like a less outwardly dramatic Esben And The Witch.

Gazelle Twin - I Am Shell I Am Bone by rocketpr

I Am Shell I Am Bone - Official Video by Gazelle Twin from Gazelle Twin on Vimeo.

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