Friday, May 27, 2011

Tracklist: Beaty Heart - 2 Good

That all four of Peckham audio-visual collective - god, aren't they all these days - are credited with samplers and all but the vocalist with drums might be all that needs to be said in this bit, but then we'd have shortchanged you. What they do with it is career all over the shop before settling somewhere adjacent to a tropical pop bumpy path where marimba and steel drums are pitched against multitracked vocals. There's quite a bit of Animal Collective's last couple of albums (or at least when Panda Bear seizes control) in here, inevitably when you put yearning sounding and not always bound by language vocals against hallucinatory soundscaped loaded high with arrythmic percussion. They call it 'psychedelic drum pop', which is disappointingly bland self-precising for something quite so abstract.

Beaty Heart -  2 Good by i-D

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