Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tracklist: We Are Trees - Afraid Of Love

We all hear bands who veer very towards another artist's style of music, but how acceptable is it with a view to career development really when it's a more complicated body of work they're taking on? By which we mean Brother can make themselves like Oasis and get brickbats for it because everyone can sound like Oasis, but audibly taking on something which prides itself on its tiniest detail... well, that's something more interesting and likely to be a good pointer of better things to evolve. We Are Trees' EP late last year was pretty much writing and recording songs that sound like Daniel Rossen's work for Grizzly Bear because they weren't at the time, but that it's one bloke from Virginia in his bedroom meant it could still provoke excitement of its own. That thread carries on into this new track, full of multi-tracked harmonies in an airsealed space, reverberating acoustic and ambient scene-setting washes. What's also prevalent is a certain folky open heartedness and a willigness to build around the spacious moodiness - check that wash of noise towards the end.

We Are Trees - Afraid Of Love by ListenBeforeYouBuy

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