Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tracklist: Mammal Club - Hang

It's not unreasonable or unsurprising that a million tracks are going to emerge this year taking the path cut through by Everything Everything, of complex guitar shapes trading blows with explosive, partly electronic layers and fronted by a barely hinged sounding singer dealing in cryptic lyrical meaning. Wilson Astley, singer of Newcastle's Mammal Club, even throws in bits of falsetto to go with the obtusely singalong choruses and bitsofversesthathavetoomanywordsforthemusicsohehastosingtheminonebreath. They've even supported that band. Yet, quite apart from it far from being the easiest course of stylistic action to even consider apeing, mere impersonation does not make the goodness and this track from the Au EP, out before the sun explodes on Everybody's Stalking records, is built on skittering beats, math guitars (some by Adam Hiles, ex-yourcodenameis:milo) and undulating restlessness.

Mammal Club - Hang by everybodysstalking

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