Friday, April 08, 2011

Tracklist: Red Kite - The Gathering Storm

The Cooper Temple Clause seem to have been forgotten these days, filed away as also-rans under the reams of Strokes/Stripes press that dotted 2002-2004, but their powerhouse electronically aided art-prog-punk deserves more. Certainly more than subsequent projects (Losers, White Belt Yellow Tag, being anywhere near Dirty Pretty Things, contributing to CSS' no good second album) would suggest, which is why it's still slightly surprising that the first three tracks to emerge from guitarist Dan Fisher's solo project seem so accomplished. It's folkier than you'd expect, maintaining its nervy composure as noise and strings build up around it. That it's probably the least obviously direct and Cooper-esque of the three bodes well.

The Gathering Storm by Red Kite (Daniel Fisher)

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