Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tracklist: Copy Haho - Dying Breed

It's now two and a half years since we first saw Stonehaven's finest - and bear in mind that Stonehaven is the claimed birthplace of the deep fried Mars bar, which sets a tremendously low bar - on one of their innumerable support tours and three this month since we first wrote about them. Since then we've had an EP (more than two years ago), a 7" somewhere along the line, a lot of tweets and an assumed gradual subsuming into the LC!/JoFo/Larkin/Danana social group. To quote the press release: "There are no exciting stories about master tapes thrown into the sea, for example - but do feel free to quote that as "…master tapes thrown into the sea…". The band are very excited about the amount of times they may have to answer "To be honest, real life things got in the way a bit" to such a query." Finally, though, news of an album, self-titled and out on June 20th, produced by Chem19's Jamie Savage through their own Slow Learner label. Musically they were much as they ever were, a typically Scottish forceful reappropriation of Pavement's iconoclastic slackerdom with extra cocksure introspection. This is a very good thing.

Dying Breed by copyhaho

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