Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tracklist: Sons & Daughters - Silver Spell

Up til now Sons & Daughters have pretty much cleaved to one modus operandi, that is chiding attack dogs of roaring rhythm and bluesy claustrophobia. On their previous album, 2008's This Gift, they decided to go pop by bringing in Bernard Butler, producer to those who think they require a little less invention in their musical lives. Maybe as a direct reaction (Scott Paterson pointedly says in the press release "we sound better when we’re more minimal"), this first taste of May's fourth long player Mirror Mirror almost does nothing at all that could qualify as a hook or melody. It's forty seconds until we get something other than a synthesized whine and a clip-clopping noise, and after that it's Scott and Adele issuing a dire warning in nothing like harmony. It sounds like a modern goth record with the middle where the guitars and foreboding synth booming noises scooped out, leaving just the ominous chanting and an outline of the evil in the darkened woods.

Sons & Daughters - Silver Spell by DominoRecordCo

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