Saturday, September 04, 2010

Playlist additions 4/9/10

Cursory this week, partly because some stuff we want to talk about isn't for public consumption just yet. Which, in this post-summer pre-autumn lull of a week, leaves us with...

  • The School - Can't Understand [YouTube] [Spotify]
    Because in a slow week some new School output must be cherished. Spot everyone in Cardiff in the video.

  • The Vaccines - If You Wanna [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    Jesus & Mary Chain on Flying Nun via the surf revival, essentially, classic sunshine pop from a band whose website merely posts pictures and who have sent no other information out about themselves. It's former nu-folk hanger-on Jay Jay Pistolet's new band. There you go. We suspect they may do nothing else of value, but right at this post-Drums A&R-driven moment it works.

    The new Indelicates video is just about SFW. Please remember, however, that what the mind's eye sees cannot be unseen.

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