Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playlist additions 11/9/10

A week pretty much consisting of proper free mp3s scrounged from only the most popular blog artists. May we take this intertiatic moment to mention again the ongoing STN 2010 Spotify playlist.

  • Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern - Calling Out Your Name Again [Vimeo] [Soundcloud]
    The third song to be issued in some form from Essex Arms, this one bringing the ratio of Emmy The Great single guest spots to Emmy singles about level, a bucolic paen to the new town life. The video, by the way, is frame by frame drawn onto one sheet of card that is constantly scanned in between Hayman drawing, erasing or painting over parts of it. That art school education had to come in handy some time.

  • Grinderman - Bellringer Blues [Myspace]
    Jim Sclavonus describes the closer from Grinderman 2 as "a battlefield hallucination set to stoner funk". It's certainly a psychedelic mass hallucination that, much like the second half of the album, leans closer to the Bad Seeds at a particularly malevolent moment without making it seem like they really know what they're doing but know they're enjoying the catharsis.

  • Islet - Ringerz [free mp3]
    Could be wrong, but we don't think this is one of the two or three new songs they've been playing live, going further as it is into their quest to become the analogue dub Gang Gang Dance. Meanwhile someone called Tidal Barrage has remixed Holly, and the band are giving that one away.

  • Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix [YouTube] [free mp3]
    Someone is going to have to come out and admit this, so here goes. There are too many bands, far too many being touted in various circles for anyone to ever seriously keep up without making sacrifices. Hence, strike us down but here it is, this is the first time we've properly heard Japandroids. And this for a 7" out-take from their last album sessions. Makes you as newcomer wonder, though, with the circular saw fuzz of the guitar and athletic pounding of the drums. This is them relatively becalmed, apparently. Phh.

  • Owen Pallett - A Man With No Ankles [free mp3]
    Quite difficult to pin Pallett's current manoevurings down, especially with the slow heat of Heartland. More immediate, this, and we know for writing this a murder might be in order, but there's something quite 80s about the subtle layer of plinks, drum machine and texture in the background. Only insamuch as it uses that base to float downstream into something less tangible, though. A Swedish Love Story EP is out in a couple of weeks.

  • Sufjan Stevens - Too Much [free mp3]
    This isn't the debut of Sufjan as electronic invigilator - pre-Michigan collection Enjoy Your Rabbit came out of a laptop, and he hung around with the Danielson Famile around that time so he's clearly of an experimental bent, but announcing the last track of forthcoming The Age Of Adz is 25 minutes long might well be beyond several pales. Of the two tracks so far eked out into the world this is the more ear pricking as it's the one which takes his usual folk showstopper tendency and drowns it in glitches, Disney musical samples and loops that eventually find their counter-melodic path back home much dirtier but wiser for the experience.

    And to taste, the new Edwyn Collins video:

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