Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easily impressed

As people who like to keep track of everything bard in exile of Peterborough MJ Hibbett is up to, we're pleased to have in our hand The Forest Moon Of Enderby, his and the Validators' forthcoming (18th October) B-sides and rarities album . Yeah, a rarities compilation for MJ Hibbett If you would like a smaller beer please ask for one. Still, there's a good number of live favourites on it, including this one, known to bring grown men to tears (not us, we're hard, but we have evidence). True story, apparently.

MJ Hibbett & the Validators - Leave My Brother Alone

Get the CD, put it in your computer and find Hibbett's Superstore, a large set of Hibbett solo efforts, unreleased songs and Fuzzy Warbles-like odds and sods from advert commissions, radio jingles and 'stuff'. Among them, this demo for an update to Hibbett's celebrated Hey Hey 16K:

MJ Hibbett - Hey Hey 64K

Hibbett celebrates this release with a handful of dates for his Edinburgh two-man sci-fi rock opera extravaganza Dinosaur Planet - Stockton on Tees The Waiting Room on 24th October, The Green Dragon in Croydon on the 27th, Northampton in November - and his 'world tour in a room above a pub' Totally Acoustic, every fortnight at The Lamb, Lamb's Conduit Street, London Wc1N, starting on 11th October. There'll be a podcast for each night, and guests include Andy Hudson of Pocketbooks fame, The Bobby McGees of The Weakest Link fame, Pete Green of Corporate Juggernaut/The Sweet Nothings fame, Keith TOTP of being mates with Eddie Argos fame, Chris T-T of being mates with Frank Turner fame and Gavin Osborn of being mates with Daniel Kitson fame. A quick catchup session for Hibbett's work? Check his/their Bandcamp.

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