Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...and I'm terrified of what comes next

So you caught the news that Johnny Foreigner have signed to Alcopop! Records and have a six track EP out in November?

Oh, you did. As you were. For the record, though, the label say "Yes there are frenetic guitars, with urgent  vocal hooks and giant noise-pop chorus – the double drum tracked coda to 'the wind and the weathervanes' is probably the loudest thing the band have ever recorded,  but there’s a real tender side on this EP too – ‘robert scargill wins the prize’ floats on a ukulele and  a fuzzy organ bass and 'yr loved' is mostly whispered vocals and harmonics loops."

Perhaps you also caught the recent suggestion from Alexei that the fabled pre-Kelly album We Left You Sleeping And Gone Now is getting a digital wash and brush-up release soonish, with cartoon liner notes. All give, this band. Which reminds us...

... what you may not be across is this Sparklehorse cover which their new lords and masters passed on to us:

Johnny Foreigner - Most Beautiful Widow in Town

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