Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our buy proper friends

It somehow seems overenthusiastic that this is the second time we've posted about Johnny Foreigner in two weeks given they're still mixing a new EP and writing a third album. It's almost like we're becoming one of those tables you used to see in football magazines where all news about the big clubs of the day is printed whatever the level of importance, but specifically for the sort of people STN goes all unnecessary about ("LOS CAMPESINOS - tweeted about Football Manager again")

But no, this one is important. Having seen nothing and been put out of contact from an expected advance from their publishers for their forthcoming US dates supporting Los Campesinos!, having done as much personal scrimping and saving as able just for the flights they're now short of savings for accomodation, travel costs, hire, living and sundries.

What they do have is some rarities knocking about, and a thing called Bandcamp to put them on and make the money to actually get them somewhere. Being Johnny Foreigner, they've got the hidden catalogue and the wherewithal to make the effort towards some reward. So, from now, they offer these:

We Left You Sleeping And Gone Now; Also....: The 2005 debut album before the debut album, when Kelly was still doing this sort of thing and some other bloke* was on bass, this almost mythical record... no, wait, it's been roundabouts online for a year or so, it can't be mythical if it's known to exist, let's try this again... this record only spoken about by the committed, self-produced and released in tiny quantities. Alexei calls it a country record, pretty much only insomuch as Wilco sprung out of a country band, this veering from quasi-emo (old definition) to experimental ambience.

Every Day Is A Constant Battle: I Like You Mostly Late At Never is the demos collection you may know but this one is more all-encompassing, including their earliest 7" versions of modern classics.

Johnny Foreigner Does Wichiten: You've not got this one. It's an actual hi-res video recording of their set at Wichita's tenth birthday celebrations in July, featuring three new songs, a horn section** and guest appearances from Gareth and Neil Campesinos!, plus professionally recorded sound and bonus mp3s of acoustic versions. There's a proper mp3-only recording available too.

Johnnyforeignerisaces: tour only EP of live, alternate versions, rarities, a remix and a Pavement cover.

Total outlay for all that? £16.50 of your English. And if you pass on it, the band's plans are essentially fucked. Get to it.

* Daniel Boyle, now of glitch-noise duo Gentle Friendly
** Think we're right in saying is the same Stairs To Korea/Internet Forever-boosted wind farmers who've been helping out Frankie & The Heartstrings

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chris said...

1) Daniel is not in gentle friendly any more! Richard from Munch Munch is now instead!
2) it was me and will to korea and seb keyboard choir playing with jf and faths at wichiten