Monday, May 26, 2008

The Muxtape Challenge update

After the previously mentioned Muxtape backup crash it's probably best to repost all the details so far so we all know where we are, as well as maybe encouraging more people to plug the remaining gaps. If you're late to this, we're compiling a twelve track Muxtape for the last forty years inclusive, each by a different person, and this is how it's going so far.

Completed years:
1968 (23 Daves)
1969 (Chris Brown)
1971 (Jez)
1972 (Raki
1973 (douchebag)
1976 (Ben)
1977 (poptimusgrime)
1978 (James)
1979 (Koen Fillet)
1982 (Dave)
1983 (Daniel Saunders)
1984 (Jamie Summers)
1986 (Mike)
1988 (Jim Waterson)
1989 (Mark}
1990 (Matt Gaynor)
1992 (us)
1994 (JohnM)
1995 (David Pott-Negrine)
1998 (Matt Sullivan)
1999 (Tom Alvarez)
2000 (Ben Hall)
2001 (lemonbrickcombo)
2004 (Adas)
2005 (yes_)
2006 (Tom Whyman)
2007 (TheWildSon)

Years deleted in the crash:
1993 (Dan)
1997 (James)
2002 (Paulo)
(The linked pages are where the compilers have listed their choices, if anyone else wants to put them back together for us. The rest of the people listed will have to get in touch to let us know whether they want to reconstruct their Muxtapes or hand them off to others)

Years reserved:
(No, we're not naming and shaming. Yet.)

Years still available:


Planet Me said...

is 1989 free?

Ben said...

My muxtape 2000 is up and running again, although the Regular Fries are in the wrong place & I've forgotten the password.

23 Daves said...

Just a quick note to say I've done the 1968 muxtape now, and it's over on the Left and to the Back blog.

Simon said...

Planet Me: no, not now you're assigned it. The other two are now up.

Jim W said...

It was rubbish enough first time around...oh well, uploaded it again and muxtape still contrived to delete the final few songs.

Hopefully all here:

Adas said...

Sorry, I'll get 2004 re-uploaded tonight ... Took me ages with my 1Mb broadband lol :-)

Adas said...

2004 is re-upped ... sorry about the delay!

koen fillet said...

1979 fixed! Graag gedaan. (That's Dutch)

Planet Me said...

james.M;; said...

I'm nabbing 1978... be with you shortly.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed I've been lost in the crash - will get onto getting it back up in the next couple of days.


Dave said...

1982 has been completed, sorry it took so long.

Chris Brown said...

Now I'm back home, I've put 1969 on there again. Same songs though.

james.M;; said...

No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones in 1978.

Jez said...

1971 back up - same tracks, same order.

Anonymous said...

That's '86 finally back up. Slight delay over the last 2 tracks cos I couldn't find one song on the PC that I was sure was in the original 12.

Can be found here:


ben.76 said...

i'd like 1976. i think i was on the other page when i asked

Many thanks

Ben.76 said...

1976 is done and dusted!

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