Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forward thinking

Time to see what forthcoming music's come in recently, we think.

Glasgow's Q Without U claim on their press release that we have received their songs as "you either play/put out records by, book shows for, say nice things about or manage bands that we love. Either that or you are in the possession of a really great haircut". Let's call it misdirected mail. They quote the Super Furries as an influence and it's not hard to imagine them being Scottish cousins to those SFA moments when warped power-pop is given a thorough going over. Their album, Shut Up! I Invented You, will be available to buy or download from their Myspace account from Monday.

Q Without U - Licking Batteries

Aptly named So So Modern are from Wellington, New Zealand, so already exotic. Their first UK release, The Collected Works: Friends And Fires + 0000EP's, is as it suggests a compilation of two mini-albums, and even by the standards of albums compiled from two seperate releases it's all over the place, sometimes direct shouty nu-rave, sometimes krautrock workouts filtered through Foals, sometimes Deerhoof down the No Wave disco. Quality control is similarly scattered across the graph, but we commend to the house this.

So So Modern - Contracts

And finally A Classic Education, the Bologna based band whose glorious string-laden mini-epics showed up on our radar just in time for featuring in our Class Of '08 Covermount. In just under a year and a half of operation they've already played with Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse and Lightspeed Champion and worked with Jeremy Warmsley and Fanfaro. They're now self-releasing a 12" EP rounding up everything made available to date, the cunningly titled First EP, limited to 300 copies available to order through their website and released on June 6th. They're coming back over to play Indietracks festival, which we'd put down as yet another reason for a weekend out at the Midland Railway Centre.

A Classic Education - Victories At Night

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