Thursday, May 01, 2008

The alphabet of new music Part I

We like discovering new bands. You're probably aware of that by now. Every week we try and bring a new-to-us band to you via Weekender, whether they come to us by hearing one of their songs, recommendation, blind Myspace stumbling, add request or whatever. Clearly we can't cover them all, but we can have a go, so here's an alphabetised 26 artists from our big list, all of which come with the STN seal of approval:

Abe Vigoda: not the American TV actor but an outfit who come from the same underground LA scene as No Age, HEALTH and the Mae Shi, a jerky No Wave-influenced crash of African-style percussion and angular riffage. 'Influences: Vampire Weekend' their sidebar waspishly states.

Boca Chica: the nom de stage of Pittsburgh's Hallie Pritts, coming across like a female Sam Beam/Iron & Wine or a back porch Laura Veirs, although she claims greater influence from Gillian Welch.

Cause Co-Motion!: like Black Lips meeting the Pastels, the Brooklyn outfit are signed to What's Your Rupture? (Love Is All) and make bite-sized no-fi scrappy jangle pop with an edge. In the mid-80s they'd have been on Creation.

Double Dan: chalk one up to the Swedes. Two men called Dan, oddly, plus Joakim from the celebrated Acid House Kings, and you know already what they do - chiming, thoughtful post-twee for a summer meadow or really pissing off Steven Wells.

The Elephants: Across to Denmark but not a great stylistic move on, minor chord Sarah Records with a power pop kick, a studio full of strummed instruments and a knowledge of surf licks.

Fighting With Wire: you may have heard of these as Zane Lowe is caning their new single, but anything associated with Smalltown America is fine by us, especially a band led by Jetplane Landing riffmeister Cahir O’Doherty. Think Therapy? showing Biffy Clyro where they're going wrong.

Gifthorse: Lucky Soul in the top friends and Luke Haines one of the top influences? That'll do for us! South Londoners with a romantic axe or two to grind make like early solo Morrissey with a hint of Gallon Drunk's seedy glamour.

Heartbeeps: They've deleted their band name, which is helpful. Times New Viking fans should look this way, as there's much the same no budget ideas overflow in miniatures going on here, only with a cheap-sounding keyboard. For the clincher, he/they also do an mp3 blog.

Indigo Moss: this bluegrass-tinged Americana collective, whose album was produced by Simon Tong (The Verve, The Good The Bad And The Queen) at Damon Albarn's studio, have already gained something of a reputation but frankly we were short of I inspiration and didn't think we could get away with Ipso Facto or Ice Sea Dead People again.

Jeremy Jay: he's on K Records, for a start. The Californian has something of the Lekmans and Richmans, or perhaps Lou Reed, around him, knows his way around a ukelele and a broken heart and sounds like some sort of lo-fi chanson singer.

Kerowack: Enough of the fey, STN is supposed to be a broad musical church. So here's some glitchy electronica with dirty basslines and echoes of Felix Da Housecat when he was good, approved by Simian Mobile Disco and at Miami.

Landerim: Running back to the arms of wistful acoustic guitars we find more Brooklynites whose psychedelically tinged folk is one for the other sort of late nights. They take their name from a Robert Wyatt lyric, which makes sense.

Muddy Suzuki: And back to London we go for the project of Damo Waters, making a living as Electric Soft Parade's drummer (and same for several billion others) but on his own doing shifting Andy Partridge-inflected compact prog-pop

N-Z tomorrow.

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