Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekender : listening to such music is necrophilia

FREE MUSIC: You can probably guess the one city A Sunny Day In Glasgow aren't from. Philadelphian siblings Ben, Lauren and Robin Daniels provide a continuation of the grand revival of My Bloody Valentine shoegazing over melodic tweepop. The Best Summer Ever is as decent a summation as you'll find, wherein airy seasonal vocals get buried by waves of distortion and layers of off-beats and contra-melodic keys.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: The latest from the hot right now Modular label (Avalanches, Wolfmother, MSTRKRFT, New Young Pony Club, Cut Copy - alright, maybe that's not the most stable A&R policy), The SoftLightes have been described as "wonder pop", whatever that means. The Californians have the West Coast melody bug about them, but refracted through prisms of Of Montreal-style pulling out of shape, and we can hear something of the nursery slope Flaming Lips in there too. Seek out the extraordinarily detailed video for Heart Made Of Sound too.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: As promised, more Tiswas: assorted members of Motorhead, Status Quo and the Polecats plus Toyah and Rick Wakeman play Pass The Pie, Clare Grogan and, oh, someone else from Altered Images, the Jam apparently recorded on Edison's own brand and Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford getting what's coming to them, which is also worth it for the extraordinary list of guests the following week, especially the way Chris seems more surprised by the presence of Ian Page of Secret Affair than that of John Bonham.

VIRAL MARKETING: Back to Neon Bible, we know, but every tiny piece of information is making us all the more excited. You might have seen the live version of Intervention in a school cafeteria by now, but what about the version recorded for KCRW's influential Morning Becomes Eclectic all of two years ago?

FALLING OFF A BLOG: We keep forgetting to mention the deliciously semi-random nature of Mars Needs Guitars. Shoegazing, the Go-Betweens, a hell-themed set of mp3s...a blogger after our own heart.

IN OTHER NEWS: There is none. Not much time this week. Although if you want to mosey on over to The Art Of Noise (see sidebar) in a couple of days' time the second in our occasional series of gig reviews for them will be up.

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