Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sweeping The Nation Covermount: The Magnificent '07

After our December exertions we're having a few well earned days away from the Blogger edit facility, but before then we have our fourth covermount to deliver. Of course, nobody can really accurately predict what will be great or take off in 2007 from this distance - some may crash and burn, some haven't been heard by anyone but their writers yet, and at this moment perhaps not even by them. That's the nature of music - to surprise us from week to week. But we can take wild guesses. Here, then, is a compilation of 21 artists who look set to break through, are set to drop debut albums, we want to hear more from or we just want to give a push to as the year clock ticks round. (Or at least those we could come by mp3s for.)

The Magnificent '07 (now on Rapidshare)

Lucky Soul - Lips Are Unhappy
DIY Motown/southern soul from Greenwich sextet, led by the gloriously sweet vocals of Ali Howard, whose debut album The Great Unwanted is out on March 5th

The Rumble Strips - Hate Me You Do
Dark on the light side Devon-reared kitchen sink soul dramatists, two parts Dexys to one part original R&B. Tony Hoffer-produced LP probably due in early summer

Pull Tiger Tail - Animator
Staying just this side of Haircut Indie come a New Cross threesome producing their own take on buoyant new wave revivalism. Labelled new rave. By twats

The Wombats - Lost In The Post
Merseyside trio causing a huge live stir, offering a proprietal take on We Are Scientists sellable punk-pop and New Pornographers power-pop

The Maccabees - Latchmere
Brighton-based (no, of course they're not originally from there) high speed janglepop with lyrical intrigue. Ace single About Your Dress out on 26th February

Blood Red Shoes - ADHD
More Brightonians, this time an energetic, primevally loud girl on vocals and guitar/boy on drums and occasional vocals duo who've been supporting everyone of late

Tokyo Police Club - Shoulders And Arms
Hyperactive Bloc Partyesque Toronto outfit whose A Lesson In Crime EP is released on February 12th through Memphis Industries over here

The Be Be See - Eye TV
And their first single was You K Gold b/w Discover E. We see. Luckily there's less arch concept about the EMI-signed trio's Magazine meets Roxy Music shimmer

Fields - Heretic
Epic charging part-Icelandic dreampop with the emphasis often on the latter, pitched somewhere between the Magic Numbers and My Bloody Valentine

Sky Larkin - Shipwreck
Slow burning interest levels about to split wide open for Leeds trio taking the lessons of the Breeders to dark, spiky places. Single One Of Two out 22nd January on Dance To The Radio

GoodBooks - Turn It Back
We weren't going to leave them out after twelve months of support, were we? Gloriously offbeam artrock with synths and jumpy bass, the album is "nearly done"

Voxtrot - Raised By Wolves
Kinetic long serving Texans gaining fans at a rate of knots for their Apples In Stereo/Smiths/Interpol/early REM melodically miring melange

I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares
Another duo, these Notts 17 year olds, who layer in electronica, indie disco framework and frail, lovelorn vocals. Their label are making them out as emo, the wankers

Pagan Wanderer Lu - The Memorial Hall
Folktronica, they used to call it. Sardonic vocals, fuzzy guitar and cheap and faux-cheap keyboards and effects all operated by one Manchester-via-Aberystwyth bloke

Uffie - Pop The Glock
The new Annie, "they" say. Miami-born, Paris-based, Mr Oizo-associated teenager working the too-cool-for-old skool route with dirty electro-rap

Johnny Flynn - Tickle Me Pink
Demo version of debut (out 26th February on Young & Lost) by hugely promising violin-toting folkie, brooding of vocal and song, thoughtful of lyric

Emmy The Great - The Woods
Flynn's played in Emmy's band in the past, and surely we've been going on about her caustically wry storytelling and folk-pop melodies for long enough now

Frank Turner - Thatcher Fucked The Kids
Turner used to shout the political odds, often in complexity, in UK post-hardcore standard bearers Million Dead. Now he's solo, acoustic and still pissed off

Kid Harpoon - Riverside
Another second on the bill regular, a Medway Sound favourite combining a belting voice with dusk-dark concerns and Damon Gough as a Libertine stylings

Dartz! - St Petersburg
Is there still room in your life for twisting post-punk? Splintered Teessiders meld The Rapture discopunk to Dischord steel. Album on the way, it says here

Los Campesinos! - Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks
Finally, the band a good number of UK bloggers will attempt to adopt should things go much further. Cardiff's expansion team are now with Wichita and debut in February


Anonymous said...

Christ that's an impressive list. It's going to take me most of the evening to get through this lot...

Mr Rossy said...

Yeah, wicked post.
The wombats are my favs, also Los Campensinos, there all great really.

And yes Thatcher did fuck the kids !!

Anonymous said...

Loving Frank Turner and Johnny Flynn. Never heard of them before either - thanks for the tip off.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the add. Some skill new tunes there, especially the first two and the last two.

That tommyrot about Margaret Thatcher is going straight in the bin, though.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of uploading this again please. Just discovered your excellent site and would love to hear this covermount, particularly as the rest are all still available.

Anonymous said...

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