Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Is Not An mp3 Blog #1

Well, that was what we promised at the outset, but now we seem to be giving them away like confetti we might as well follow the herd make an irregular feature out of it with three things, summarily YouSendIt'd, that have been tantalising us this week:

The Early Years - On Fire
If ever a band was unmatched for a festival slot it was the Early Years at midday in a packed out tent at Truck 2006. Hypnotic, woozy, shoegazey/Krautrocky/space-rocky slow burners in the heat of a blazing summer's day? Mmm-mmmm. Although we do hear Brian Eno was at the front seeming appreciative. We didn't see him, we were at the periphery. Their album didn't quite make it for us but The Great Awakening EP, released February 19th on Beggars Banquet, progresses them into interesting new territories akin to Secret Machines and, on this track, more than a hint of Electrelane.
Pre-order The Great Awakening on Amazon

Theoretical Girl - Dancehall Deceit
Judging by the photos, Southend-on-Sea emigre Theoretical Girl can really pull off a sixties-style fringe. Judging by the sound, she's fairly au fait with the eighties too, or at least the idiosyncratic period during which people had this new keyboard technology and wanted to mess about with it. A one woman operation, inevitably she's been tarred with the nu-rave brush but this mix of deceptively sugary vocals, fuzzy guitar and retro-futurist electro is a winner under its own steam.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - House Fire
There's a name you won't forget in a hurry. With the post-Shins revival on the US indie scene of melodic, hook-filled sophisticated pop, perhaps now's the time to highlight a band and an mp3 we've had on our C: drive since November 2005 but whose album Broom has only just received a full US reissue. Missouri's SSLYBY (there you go) have an ability to front up the requisite influences - Elliott Smith, Ben Kweller, Elephant 6, of course the good captain Mercer - and make them sound fresh and affecting.

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