Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekender : eating Too Pure's Fruit Salads

FREE MUSIC: Emily Haines & The Soft Skeletons' album Knives Don't Have Your Back is despite the backing band setting a solo outing for Metric's energetic frontwoman du jour, stripping away the fuzztone guitars and acrobatic synths of her band for intimate piano and string-led setting in which her heartrending voice and introspective, vulnerable lyrics thrive. It's going to be one worth watching out for, this. Despite a September home issue it's not out in Britain until April, but Spin is sharing the feminist state confused The Lottery.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: There are two things everyone knows about (yes, score yet another Weekender selection down for the cultural hub of East Sussex) Brighton's The Indelicates: the title of the song about overeager press interest in a certain "rock bad boy", and the band female half (actually they're a five-piece, but only two of them do press and take the Indelicate surname so let's press on) Julia was a founder member of. Far more entertaining is the detail that male 'half' Simon has written and staged a musical about the book of Job. And more entertaining still is their music, kamikaze cabaret indiepop like the Dresden Dolls if they were svengali'd by Luke Haines and Jim Reid. Fans of Johnny Boy, Art Brut and great British curmudgeonliness, step this way.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: Hot on the heels of that mammoth Swap Shop retrospective over Christmas, it seems a one night only revival of Tiswas is on the cards for very soon indeed, seemingly in some sort of ill-advised Audience With form. Well, it is ITV. Indeed, The Bucket Of Water Song was on TOTP2 last week, and while that performance isn't on YouTube the video is, with Bob Carolgees in the comments. Do your own smirking references to Sally James covered in water, we're more interested in the appearance of Ian 'Sludge' Lees, who we've seen doing cabaret, at 1:55 and the Barron Knights at 2:08. We'll delve further into the 'Was back catalogue next week but for now enjoy an openly infatuated Adam Ant and some commenters who seem to be taking his inevitable flanning as a personal affront. And, because we were trying to explain the act to someone the other day without much success, 'Was regular Bob Blackman's once seen never forgotten tea tray-aided version of Mule Train.

VIRAL MARKETING: So this is the section where we play up anything that's leaked out into public consumption ahead of much anticipated proper release, and we don't mean in the iTunes way (good to see Daniel Powter finding a way back into the public eye, by the way, having decided to change the name, ditch the hat for big retro hair and become a combination of Robbie and ELO) For example we know Modest Mouse have an album on the way featuring Johnny Marr, from which the first single will be a hopefully unobstructed by hands and whooping Dashboard.

FALLING OFF A BLOG: We thought we put a lot of intrinsic effort into our end of year list, then we see In League With Paton did a top 100 album list and feel slightly faint. Like us this one clearly prefers almost random writing to chasing the Hype Machine dragon, based around regular readable, sense-filled regular reviews. And it covers jazz.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: At last, an answer to the age old question: what book was Art Garfunkel reading at various points of the last thirty years?

IN OTHER NEWS: Crossing our fingers that it's not been cleaned up since we chanced across it (it'll all be in the history in any case), how much of Lovefoxx's Wikipedia profile do you suspect is genuine? We're beginning to doubt the "is singer in CSS" bit ourselves.

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