Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekender : in association with Halls Soothers

CHART OF DARKNESS: And so Madonna slips clear of Spices both Ginger and Sporty to rack up her twelth number one and retake a solo lead as the female singer with most UK number ones, her twelth bringing her one behind Westlife (who enter at 4, their twentieth single and thus twentieth top five hit. What do you mean you thought they were dead?) She didn't even have to perform at the Brits to take a lot of headlines the day after the event. By contrast Leeds soulstress Corinne Bailey Rae has gone the old fashioned route to stardom, that is to say a K2-worth of press cuttings, leading to Put Your Records On charting at 2. Somehow The Darkness sneak into the top ten at 8. Simon Webbe and Morning Runner are in the top 20, Maximo Park and Delays just outside, but we want to highlight instead the opening salvo in BMG's bright idea to recreate the Elvis number one run of last year by reissuing twenty Michael Jackson singles in nineteen weeks, one coming with a box. We're not actually sure they're limited edition, in fact, as there were loads of Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enoughs left in stores in midweek, whether through lack of publicity, lack of public trust in Jacko produce, the Jackson/Sony squabbles or just nobody being that arsed. The result - that single at 17, Thriller plus box selling just 6,000, and we all left wondering what the figures will be like when they get to Jam. At least Jose And His Amazing Technicolor Overcoat, the Irish radio Mourinho 'tribute' message boards LOL!!!!!11'd over towards the end of last year, has only managed 45. Albums wise Jack Johnson climbs five to topple the Monkeys (746,000 or so now sold, which would have put them 20th on the overall 2005 list) by less than a thousand copies despite both winning the same number of Brits. Post-awards spikes are pretty much the story of the chart apart from James Blunt falling to 7 and Neil Diamond's back to basics set entering at 5, which we have doubts about despite the positive reviews. It is, after all, Neil Diamond songs.

FREE MUSIC: American bands will keep doing this, won't they? Keeping their new UK single online free after the release date, we mean. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In This Home On Ice

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: Kapowski, Northampton Jimmy Eat World-meets-Posies doomed romantics. Some people on the comments section are claiming they've split up a mere two weeks after their debut single release, but there's nothing on their label site (Small Town America, Jetplane Landing's own) so we'll run with it.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: The next time Billy Corgan starts his cod-mystical theorising arseness, have this URL to hand - Corgan performs for defunct wrestling organisation ECW, not at all smoothly

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: We linked to a load of rare Madness TV performances the other day, which got us in a wondering mood and led us to a page of The Beat videos. We recommend Too Nice To Talk To, which attempts to tell the tale of a single from studio to shop.

HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVE: Fyfe Dangerfield of the Guillemots attempts to buy a new stereo. (Hear their music while you're round there, why not)

IN OTHER NEWS: We will keep banging on about Victorian English Gentlemens Club and their sparky Wire/Breeders/Magic Band collision, won't we? Luckily Fantastic Plastic have taken the lead in helping you actually hear them and put the video for new single Amateur Man on YouTube. Billie Piper's a fan, allegedly.


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