Saturday, February 11, 2006

Roman holiday

For no particular reason, for another in our occasional series of international singles charts we alight in Italy:

20 Bob Sinclar feat. Gary Nesta Pine - Love Generation
Elsewhere KT Tunstall and Antony & The Johnsons both enter the singles top 40 and, perhaps in the only chart in the world where this will be the case, in the album chart top 40 Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan have entered higher than the Arctic Monkeys.

19 Sugababes - Push The Button
Amelle didn't really sound that committed to picking up on their success on CD:UK this morning, but we're hoping she fits in if only because we want to see her and Heidi push Keisha out in a couple of years and replace her to instigate a Menudo by democracy-esque circle of pop life.

18 Pharrell - Angel
His album's just been moved back a month. Evidently the whole Skateboard P line's not quite selling itself yet.

17 Depeche Mode - A Pain That I’m Used To
See, they really are still huge in Europe.

16 Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
It's lucky they've already had Where Is The Love? as otherwise this might have become their career calling card. Revelation in the new Word: Fergie is a big Fawlty Towers fan.

15 Chris Brown - Run It
Tappahannock in the house! His second single's called Yo!, which surely he won't be allowed to get away with here.

14 Lee Ryan - Turn Your Car Around
Because you applied the brakes too late and allowed him time to get out of the way on the first run.

13 Finley - Tutto E’ Possibile
Everything Is Possible, we think, from what suggests is an Italian Son Of Dork.

12 Prince - Te Amo Corazon
You've not missed something, it's from his new album and isn't currently scheduled for single release here. Who still trusts new Prince records is another matter entirely.

11 Antonino - Ce La Faro
The Italian Pop Idol winner with a song written by a Swede. We think we can guess what it's like.

10 Elisa - Swan
You just know that a song called Swan will be a female singer emoting about the worth of self-betterment, and so it proves. It's in English too, so we can all enjoy lines like "and now you’re looking at the sky talking to your angel/Could he turn this dirty street into a flying carpet?"

9 Richard Ashcroft - Break The Night With Colour
It's still a more incisive couplet than most of this, of course. Look out for the TV advert and its preposterously overblown laudatory adjectives.

8 Haiducii - More’n’More (I Love You)
Not a Japanese Il Duce but a female Romanian who did the original of Dragostea Din Tei. You know, O Zone's baffling summer mini-hit from last year and future inspiration for sodding Numa Numa.

7 Mattafix - Big City Life
Are you still here? We may never do an international top 20 without this being in there somewhere.

6 Robbie Williams - Advertising Space
Apparently Robbie described his new songs to Stephen Duffy as "depressive New Wave folk". Well, one out of three.

5 Studio 3 - Solo Te
Not to be confused with Studio B (I See Girls) or Studio 3 (AKA Shy FX), although we imagine it's not dissimilar to the former.

4 Povia - I Bambini Fanno Oh
Hirsute acoustic guitar playing gentlemen, not unlike him out of Reef, who played at the Rome Live 8, described on AOL's commentary as a song that "barely keeps the tired crowd energized". We see.

3 Hilary Duff - Wake Up
Is it her that has the PR stunt rivalry with Lindsay Lohan, or Ashlee Simpson? They all merge into one eventually if you stop caring at the outset.

2 Mondo Marcio - Dentro Alla Scatola
That most distressing of ideas, Italian hip hop. Italian-American rappers are bad enough.

1 Madonna - Hung Up
It's probable that somewhere in the world a gossip magazine, website or column has been running Madonna And Guy Split stories since the day after their wedding, just in case. How much of her time do you actually think she spends in the London she expends so much time and effort on extolling?


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