Saturday, February 25, 2006

No New Wave No Fun *

We know we're a day ahead of usual new releases procedure, but we need to make you, the trustworthy STN reader, aware well in advance of the fact that McLusky, the greatest single British underground rock band of the 21st century and surely a future influence on a phalanx of bands, are releasing their hits compilation McLuskyism on the 27th, both in the forms of a beginner's singles collection and a three CD set incorporating B-sides, rarities, live versions and the like. Andy Falkous is typically, um, forthright:

I have more of a problem with the B-sides disc, even considering that the gaps between the songs are top fucking notch. Although I won't name them (It would be like pointing at a crippled son and shouting 'HE'S SO MUCH WEAKER THAN THE OTHER BOYS!'), some of the songs stunk the place out so much that I actually started crying at one point during mastering. Still, it gets better as it goes on, with occasional stage-managed lulls to keep things interesting.

The C-sides disc of demos, live songs and session tracks was a great idea, but you didn't have to compile it. You didn't have to shiftily sift through boxes upon boxes of unmarked CDRS, inlays helpfully marked with messages such as 'Song 3 has AIDS', or try to justify the time spent on it to yourself and the people who surround it. Certainly, I could have used those 6 or so hours more constructively, like for sleeping or petting a cat. To those who emailed and/or confronted me in the street demanding the inclusion of particular songs I say this - compile your own damn album.

Which pretty much sums up their songwriting approach, actually. As further proof:

McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
McLusky - Undress For Success
McLusky - That Man Will Not Hang

* We considered Fuck This Band strongly, but people may be reading this at work.


Ant said...

Hmm... wonder if any of the demos on the C-Sides disc are ones I did. Not that they owe me money or owt.. just would be interested to hear 'em in all their madness.

Anonymous said...

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