Sunday, June 19, 2005

Single File : w/c 19/6

Beverley Hills Cop was on against Dr Who last night, which might explain why you know what is still number one. Oh, it was on ITV, nobody noticed.

Top Of The Pops declared a great leap forward for the charts on Friday being facilitated by downloads being included, which we can't say for certain until the physical sales chart is out, but also, kids, records used to do this all the time. So that's James Blunt's sensitive himbo qualities sending him up to 2 and Audio Bullys finding the original of Bang Bang on the BBC Wimbledon trailer helping them up to 3. So not many new entries this week yet U2 still slip from 2 to 13, which makes you wonder where all that went. This all means that bizarre Nelly song that samples True not as well as PM Dawn did is the highest new entry at 6. Still four new entries in the top 10, DJ Sammy drags Annie Lennox round the block to 7, Green Day overemote at 8 and Charlie Simpson discovers the exact meaning of mixed blessings as the first proper Fightstar single charts at 9. What do you think the divide in sales between emo fans and Busted fans is?

Those of you who were keen on the airplay chart will be thrilled to know Jem's Just A Ride, possibly the least buoyant Bill Hicks tribute ever, climbed to the top of the list this week, which somehow didn't help it chart higher than 16. Another Jem record is being used as the title music to Celebrity Love Island, so you won't have heard it. It's the independents all round this week as Hit Me Baby One More Time winner Shakin' Stevens charts at 20, which was probably people just noticing there was a new Shaky record in the charts after all that. It's a double A side of This Ole House and Pink's Trouble, which I haven't heard and hardly wish to. Garbage enter at 24, Studio B's I See Girls bafflingly climbs for a third week running, Basement Jaxx's obligatory second Singles album new single is only at 26 - shits on everything the Bellrays have done chartwise, mind - both the Cribs (27) and Dead 60s (28) fail to make any advance and Slipknot are in at 35 with a single taken from an album released over a year ago.

The entry you'll be reading about tomorrow, however, is Melanie Brown - that's right, full name - whose Today limps in at 41. In fairness it hardly seems she was that bothered about it, radio turning its back at the crucial moment and it being released on a label called Amber Cafe which I suspect might be her own as they have no other web presence. Plus there's the Spice Girls Back Together/Not Back Together/Sod 'Em, Then story which has already engulfed the Geri single. A friend/source/onlooker will be claiming on her alleged behalf to the tabloids that it didn't sell as it wasn't credited to Mel B in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Nelly - surely it's True, rather than Gold?

Do you know where the new Saint Etienne album charted? I've heard 72, which sounds absurdly low…


Simon said...

Doh, I meant True. I'll change it and make us both look slightly silly, if it's any help.

72 indeed, and can't disagree on the surprise of it being down there.

Anonymous said...

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