Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mojo rising

And so to Friday's Mojo awards, wherein the idea of rock history apparently changes from year to year and we see the ultimate collection of alternate names for lifetime achievement awards:

Icon award - Siouxsie Sioux
Presumably this is the leather/eyeshadow iconography rather than the Nazi armband/breasts one. The Banshees seem easily forgotten, so good to see someone remembers her particular role in women in punk. Chicken chow mein and chop su-ay!

Inspiration award - Gang of Four
Go on, Mitch Benn, write a song called Everything Sounds Like The Gang Of Four Now. When's this remix album coming out?

Songwriter award - Paul Weller
Surely he should have had this before now? This is the grandee's event, after all.

Hall of fame - Madness
Recording and touring again, as previously mentioned. Often misunderstood, of course, not least by most of the people who went to their musical.

Best new act - The Magic Numbers
Voted for by 6 Music listeners, it says here, ahead of that well known newcomer Rufus 'fourth album' Wainwright. Frankly it's not that much of a beard, is it?

Classic album - The Pogues' Rum, Sodomy and The Lash
The second ever award, which suggests they've missed a few. Wonder if Shane turned up.

Merit award - Sly and Robbie
In London at the moment, perchance? Almost certainly in better shape than Lee Scratch Perry, at least.

Hero award - Roy Harper
Hats off to him.

Lifetime achievement award - Robert Wyatt
Not a lot of coverage for this one in the press reports, which probably saved them quite a few paragraphs. Maybe they thought the sight of him would scare kids again.

Legend award - Dr John
Is there a new album from him coming? I ask as there was a Channel 4 documentary on late the other night. Does this one involve half of Supergrass again?

Maverick award - Steve Earle
A long awaited award for the former Leicester goal poacher. Not really, just more subtly impressive beardage from the country renegade possibly doing a Campaign For A Landmine Free World benefit as you read this

Image award - Jim Marshall
Not the Georgian Democrat senator, Leicester South Labour MP who died last year or NFL defensive legend famous for wrong way running but the founder of Marshall Amplification. What image is that, then?

Roots award - Chris Hillman
Yeah, he's in the country. Original Byrd and ex-Flying Burrito, as Mojo readers will well know, who was on Radcliffe the other night and appeared to need cajoling into admitting this.

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