Friday, June 24, 2005

BBC2 at Glasto: A Jools-free zone

My living god, what is that on top of Phill Jupitus' head?

BBC2 have also had their bijou awning destroyed, although they've erected some sort of temporary gazebo for Mark Radcliffe to do the first programme from. Radcliffe has an odd history with televised Glastonbury, Shirehorses in 1997 aside - he did Channel 4's coverage in 1994 and 1995, the first year with Lard where Sam Brady on Teletext asked "who on earth were those two alternative comedians?" then some gubbins with Lamarr and the long forgotten Sonya Saul, then he came back last year he said because they feared Peel would walk off at some stage. Now he's in the midst of all this watching an abortive KT Tunstall song. Lauren Laverne's out there too, proving that she really should be doing more studio work rather than being in the field trying to explain who John Peel was. Huw Stephens was entrusted with introducing that stage, it seems. Of course they don't play anything from the Undertones' set, but then they only play two proper live tracks in the whole half hour, and Whiley and Jupitus (seriously, is it some sort of sleeping squirrel effect?) appeared not to know what the second one was going to be. BBC4 are showing one set a night, a weary looking Costello (who has said that one of his worst experiences was playing to an unresponsive British festival crowd at V a couple of years ago) chiefly notable for being presented by Andrea Oliver, the key in the soon popular quiz question of how to get from Daniel Bedingfield to The Pop Group in three moves * and someone who only ever seems to do this one programme every year. How does she blag that?

(Bedingfield - Popworld's Daniel Bedingfield Gold - Miquita Oliver - Miquita's father, I think, is Sean Oliver of the Pop Group)

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