Friday, October 03, 2014

Haiku haiku

Those who've followed the rise of the Derbyshire Dales' own "Baroque-Pop-Folktronic-Neo-Classical-Something-Or-Other" trio Haiku Salut, much as we have, will know they don't hover towards saying, well, anything on stage. Writing, however, is different. Next week they begin a short tour of their Lamp Show, where their glorious instrumental shapes are delivered from within a selection of lamps that are programmed to flicker and illuminate with the music. Like this, in fact...

Over the last year or so of touring they spent their time writing haikus backstage, because you might as well. Now they've put a hundred of them together with illustrations by Katrine Brosnan in a book, Japanese Poems Steal Brains, released on November 3rd, with a launch party at Scarthin Books in the Peak District on 1st November. You can also buy copies at said upcoming tour, of which the dates are below, followed by three pages from the book...

8th October Nottingham Contemporary, The Space (with the very fine Grawlix and We Show Up On Radar)
10th October Manchester Indie Man Beer Con (sold out)
11th October London St John on Bethnal Green
12th October Cardiff Four Bars @ Dempseys (with Local Sports Team and the ace Two White Cranes)

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