Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Heavy Petting Zoo - Crash

We knew them when they were nothing! And now they've become part of the Too Pure Singles Club, which we know and with due respect to a very fine label is hardly Hyde Park but it's better than most of those we pick up on very early on do. Out 7th July and produced by Charlie Francis who we obviously rate as he oversaw the last two Future Of The Left albums, Crash carries an implicit threat in its stabbing surf-Nuggets guitar riff and Amy's keen-eyed desperation that might well see them be taken to the bosom of the more poppy wing of the garage-psych movement, such as Too Pure have been putting out lately. As for live dates: Gwdihw in Cardiff (the venue with the most disturbing toilet we've ever been in at a venue, FWIW) on July 24th, a Swansea hometown gig at Mozarts the following day, Porth Factory August 2nd, then to England and more precisely London's Old Blue Last on August 8th. Note to anyone attending those gigs: yes, he's in the band.

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