Thursday, June 26, 2014

AUTOBAHN, Esben and the Witch

AUTOBAHN - Unhinged

Pushing at the Birthday Party/Cramps lunatic core to match their flickknife approach to post-punk elements, another track from 2, the EP out 7th July, channels the wild-eyed aggression of Eagulls, which isn't that big a leap given it was written on one of their guitars.

Esben and the Witch - Blood Teachings

Third album A New Nature, out 1st September, was recorded by Steve Albini in Electrical Audio, so presumably they've got really good at poker. They've also got really good at shifting their sound sideways after a couple of patchy albums, this pushing many of the trio's gothic sensibilities into the mid-range in favour of a swelling, anxious primalcy pushing against the red that channels early PJ Harvey by way of early 90s Sonic Youth's uncomfortable approachability. They certainly make you wait quite some time for the thing to explode into an upper gear.

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