Monday, June 16, 2014

Cosines, Ravioli Me Away, Haley Bonar

Cosines - Out Of The Fire

We've written about the "mathematical pop" of Cosines for their previous two singles, and now they have an album, Oscillations, ahead on 28th July. Its first track has hooks, squelchy/creaky synths, a metronomic beat and a reliably homebrewed feel, just as it should be.

Ravioli Me Away - Cat Call

Coming on like a cross between Delta 5 and Chicks On Speed, or perhaps a nearer comparison would be Leigh Bowery-affiliated mid-90s eclecticists Minty, Ravioli Me Away work through no-wave, post-punk and old, cranky analogue synth bounce in a propulsively arty mood. There's something going on, it's just too slippery to pin down.

Haley Bonar - Kill The Fun

Bonar has friends in high places - the Dakotan's fifth album Last War, picked up by Memphis Industries for UK release on September 29th, was partly recorded at Dave Grohl's studio and features cameos by Justin Vernon and Andrew Bird, neither of which suggests the dark pop of the Cure at their most approachable refracted through a Rilo Kiley-esque perky American pop melody sensibility.

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