Monday, June 09, 2014

Firestations, Young British Artists, The Hundredth Anniversary

Firestations - Never Closer

STN EXCLUSIVE! Yeah, it only took us nine and a bit years but we finally got to premiere something. When we first wrote about Firestations back in March we reckoned their harmonic melodies with subtle electronics would be suited for the summer ahead. Ahead of an album and tour due for late summer this new track murks up those waters a little, still redolent of warmth and serenity but with echoes of fuzz and feedback butting in around a quasi-indiepop confection that's lyrically more conflicted than its hooks and aura of dreaminess lets on.

Young British Artists - Lived In Skin

YBAs were members of our Class Of 2010, thus proving our anti-Midas touch isn't our fault, it's everybody else's. Their debut album Change By Any Other Name is finally out on July 21st, this track a claustrophobic surge that keeps the shoegaze noise in the next room as it explores the northern catalogue of urgent, propulsive post-punk, rushing against itself into a frenzy.

The Hundredth Anniversary - Stretched Lungs

Recorded for a compilation to mark the closure of Brighton cultural magazine Boon, this is a minimalist take on the shimmering distortion of March's Wreckers EP but with something approaching a euphoric chorus even if it's not meant to be one.

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