Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unsecret sounds: Daphni & Owen, Pictish Trail, Sylvan Esso, Fear Of Men

Daphni & Owen Pallett - Tiberius

Dapnhi is Dan Snaith of Caribou, this instrumental collaboration for a forthcoming double A side piecing together that band's recent charging metronomic electronics, with a much darker, paranoid hue, and Pallett's violin seizures.

The Pictish Trail - Wait Until

Johnny Lynch's ever evolving solo project, from double album Secret Soundz Vol 1 & 2 out 9th June, has something in common with Caribou's catalogue too, juddering synth sounds and flowing beats starting off mildly foreboding before warming up and opening out to the discerning world around Lynch's gentle vocals examining loss and loneliness.

Sylvan Esso - Play It Right

Where Nick and Amelia tear down the gauziness surrouding their previous excursions into electronic pop, pump up the squelching bass sounds and cast the staccato beats into full-on technicolour, while still sounding like a folk vocalist cast adrift in electronically generated space. The album is out June 2nd.

Fear Of Men - Descent

Yet another track from Loom, the proper debut album finally out next week, in which staccato drums and chorus surges completely upset the classically indiepop dreamy chiming.

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