Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tuesday tasters: Archie Bronson Outfit, Free Swim, Jarbird

Archie Bronson Outfit - We Are Floating

A slightly more straightforward, maybe even qualifying as classic rock rumpus than we're used to from ABO, taken from their new album Wild Crush, though there's still that evil guitar tone and it still sounds like a psychedelically painted back porch on fire.

Free Swim - Meal For One

Another track from the sort-of-comeback Well Done Everyone EP, out 5th May, a rambunctious half-spoken barn burner that starts off as an ode to an evening alone and then... well, you'll hear. After Steve Lamacq played it last week someone tweeted that it was "the best tune I've heard for 10 years". Well, wouldn't go that far but...

Jarbird - More Bad Celebrity Poetry

Debut single from a Leeds-based band who seem to have only been around since October but have already got PJ Harvey co-conspirator Rob Ellis producing them and on this evidence escape any particular locale - there's something of the post-XX spacious beats the likes of London Grammar and Woman's Hour are approaching from each end but with aching harmonies and falsetto crescendos taking it to another emotional plane.

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