Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday feast: Viscous Liquid, FTSE, White Lung, John J Presley

Viscous Liquid - If I Go

Hard to imagine Viscous Liquid is one person, Rhys Williams of Reading, given its mix of indelible harmony pop melody and reverberating surroundings sounds like Teenage Fanclub in a psychedelia wind tunnel. The whole Songs For Jealous Lovers is very much worth your time.

FTSE - Utopia

From the LOVE UN LTD EP out next week, a stream of consciousness anti-consumerist anger that goes with this darkest of downtempo productions and suggests Sam Manville has picked up a hitherto disguised flow. The label describe it as "a refreshing and brutally honest commentary about how society’s acceptance that everything is fucked needs to be questioned", but it sounds ultimately like Manville wants out first.

White Lung - Snake Jaw

Second track from third album Deep Fantasy, due June 16th, from the Vancouver streamlined hardcore outfit, a treatise on body dysmorphia that takes a jangly melody and speeds it up about fourfold, Mish Way snarling like few genuinely pull off. They play the Great Escape and a Bristol date in the second week of May, go off around Europe for a fortnight, then return to play the 100 Club and that aforementioned Gold Sounds Fest.

John J Presley - Left

Voice of Nick Cave, intro cribbed from the White Stripes, then into electric filthy blues. Not especially groundbreaking but you wouldn't want to get in his gravelly, potentially disturbing way. Plus there's a droning harmonium in the mix.

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