Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plays for today: Trwbador, Flamingods, Shunkan, Free Swim

Trwbador feat. Essa - Breakthrough

The delicately glitchy west Wales duo have been branching out from their delicate folk origins of late, and hiring the veteran London rapper formerly known as Yungun to rhyme over harp loops and pulsing bass. Released digitally on 26th May and on 7" a week later. There's a video too.

Flamingods - Hyperborea

Tip for bands: if you want to get written about on here, "used to be on Art Is Hard, are now signed to Shape" is a very good way to get heard by us. You can see why Shape's Mark Daman Thomas might be into them given their tribal, echoey and speaking in runes percussiveness has shades of his own Islet. Flamingods are more airy and less anchored to actually sounding like a band, though, as things take off into the atmosphere amid strange post-AnCo sounds before re-emerging as campfire voodoo. Second album Hyperborea is out July 21st.

Shunkan - Dust In Your Eyes

All of two weeks ago we wrote Marina Sakimoto, who is Shunkan, "sounds like a lost Crutchfield sister". That impression is heightened by this second track from Honey, Milk And Blood EP, out May 5th on Art Is Hard (see?), but very much not as a whole on a song which flips from sensitive to scuzzy, hammering on the wall to drifting serenly through gauzy soundscapes, at a moment's notice.

Free Swim - Roaring Loudly Whilst Driving On A Good Stretch Of Road

More charging oddity from the Well Done Everyone EP, out May Day. Includes lyrics about taking Marie from Breaking Bad to a country pub in Surrey.

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