Thursday, September 06, 2012

From the inbox pt 2: The Mountain Goats/Free Swim/Burning Buildings/R. Ring

Well, having been well behind on August 23rd, we then lost broadband connection for a week, followed by days away at End Of The Road (great, thanks). Now things are back to full working order but new music hasn't had the common courtesy to pause for a bit while we catch up.

The Mountain Goats - Cry For Judas

This almost feels so old by now it should be recorded direct to hissy boombox. Album fourteen, Transcendental Youth, is out October 1st and seems to be a return to sociological forensic detail in John Darnielle's writing, based around a loose cast of recurring characters based in Washington state, religious and social outcasts all. A big bouncy rhythm with heroic horn section, true, but such folderol is covering for as dark as Darnielle's written in a while, working in telling religious references and fated prophecies.

Free Swim - Vuvuzela Venezuela

The psychedelic bliss of Paul Coltofeanu's multi-layered project has only just been introduced to STN and already their excellent fourth EP, She Dreams In Lights, is up for free download. Ostensibly a collection of cryptically arranged images experienced by a girl in a heavy dream state over one night, it bridges the gap between whimsical British art-pop to dense Flaming Lips-styled psychedelic flourishes. This is more towards the former end in a Super Furry Animals vein, and it also namechecks Leo Sayer.

Burning Buildings - Feet (Razbliuto)

The Manchester trio claim their forthcoming EP Body Parts is "all about Infinite Jest and Metal Gear Solid and girlfriends and having rubbish jobs". Sounds like most of what STN posts already. The actuality is more complex going on the name-your-price single as wiry, skipping post-punk influenced lines chime, race and generally fall over each other's outstretched feet before having a bit of a rest and think and re-emerging all dramatic and ultimately semi-anthemic.

R. Ring - Fallout & Fire

R. Ring are Mike Montgomery of someone called Ampline and Kelley Deal of someone you do know, the Breeders. Keeping herself busy while Kim is on the never-ending Pixies travelling show, it sounds as if she's taken to miking up the strings of the acoustic alongside the usual pickup while Montgomery's amp hums ominiously in the background, making for a mildly spooked, open ended cavernous sound.

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