Friday, September 07, 2012

From the inbox pt 3: Tessera Skies/Why?/Everything Everything/PINS

Tessera Skies - Soliloquy Of An Astronaut

Oh my. Slow motion life sickness soundtracking from a Newcastle trio - four years in development, one track out, come on, shape up - who Simon Raymonde is currently mad about. Not far from Sigur Ros or the Chicago post-rock set (via Kyte, say), they see electronics, strings and so forth as something to burble quietly and form shapes and textures in their own time, in their own way, a slow burning ambient landscape that doesn't so much drift as form new and excitingly shaped Arctic glaciers. Shimmering, twinkling and surging where required, it's enough to bring a metaphysical chill even to these Indian summer nights.

Why? - Jonathan's Hope

A first proper sample from the implausibly titled but hugely exciting in prospect Mumps Etc., in which Yoni Wolf toys with the piano soliquolies of Eskimo Snow but instead turns it into an uneasy stroll in which he considers the album titular illness, incorporating Wolf's usual TMI setting and the emotional see-saw it engenders.

Everything Everything - Cough Cough

They said they were going to become more approachable and literal, and then they go and do this. The first single from an album due in January, synth bass and martial drums suggest a working knowledge of R&B production before spinning the constituent parts off into (head)space amid staccato harmony, lyrical references to police, violence and police violence (oh look, riot footage in the video, presumably that means this is their political statement) and the usual Everything Everything everything-at-once game theory.

PINS - LuvU4Lyf

There's quite a bit of searching the danker corners of the shared houses where guitar bands fester for something British to hype far beyond their early means, but luckily PINS are far more Savages than Palma Violets, and in more than gender make-up. The title track from an EP out October 1st on Bella Union begins tentatively, as much as thumping tribal drums, spidery ringing guitar and mild panic repetitive vocals can be called tentative, before breaking out into a chorus of post-Banshees slash and burn.

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