Friday, September 14, 2012

Ice, Sea, Dead People - You Could Be A Model

Let's talk about the music first, because if we get onto the detail of the release at the same time we'll all get confused and dizzy and have to sit down. ISDP do better than most this kind of well sharpened knife-edge high wire art-punk, all a nauseously abrasive attack of enervated bass and guitar like either peals of sirens, especially on what passes for a middle eight, or a colony of earthmovers.

Right then. This is out on 8th October on 7" picture disc, with every record having a unique design. At the instigation of Daniel Eatock, who designed the Big Brother logo, and Tate exhibiting artist Andy Holden, a group of art students and ISDP fans brought turntables with them and used them to draw a line upon a 7"-sized circle of paper. For the first track of the two on the record (the other is Ultra Silence, as posted last year) the line was made by moving the pen from the edge to the centre of the rotating paper disk, drawing a line for as long as the band performed the track in the same room. For the second the pen could be moved backwards and forwards creating a more elaborate spiral image. All 180 designs were then pressed onto the vinyl. You're going to need visuals, aren't you?

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