Thursday, August 23, 2012

From the inbox pt 1: This Many Boyfriends/TOY/The Hundredth Anniversary/Moscow Youth Cult

What was the promise to ourselves? Don't leave too much of a backlog in future? Well, at least there's a very good reason - Doesn't Your Balloon Ever Land? is still very much available and recommended, approaching the total amount raised by its predecessor already.

Speaking of which, as a follow-up to both recent posts and the compilation, the splendid Her Parents album and Amateur Historians EP are out now. Out soon is...

This Many Boyfriends - Number 1

TMBs' self-titled album, recorded (in the Albini sense, we suspect) by Ryan Jarman, is out 8th October, preceded by a week by this single. Chiming when it needs to, literately romantic in a way few truly manage, nodding to the Morrissey/Collins/Hayman/McRobbie holy quadrangle of indiepop but clearly comfortable in their own skins. Like the sound of that? That's good, because we're putting them on on October 16th at Leicester Firebug and we expect you all to be there. Yes?

TOY - Lose My Way

Someone else up to single-before-the-album stage are the progenitors of our new favourite game, looking at their invariaby monochrome publicity photos and trying to guess which one's the female. The album is out 10th September; a week before comes this murky, psych-y, vaguely Spiritualized-y single, priding itself in its slowly emerging depths and the way it kisses off the shoegaze affectations and heads for the heart of the sun.

The Hundredth Anniversary - Caroline

This Brighton outfit have only existed since January but they already know what they are - namely, a cooled down British bedroom version of the ambitious coasting emotion of, to take a fairly evident example, the Walkmen. Singer Eleanor Rudge sounds like Katherine from Evans The Death (with a hint of Micachu), the band like a warmly uncoiling spool of chiming melodic guitar lines reminiscent of the Sundays (sidenote: how come nobody's calling for a Sundays reunion with their influence becoming more apparent? It'd be better for their mystique if they didn't, of course, but...) They release a fresh double A side on October 1st and play in Brighton with Fear Of Men on the 20th of that month.

Moscow Youth Cult - Love>Lore

More long time STN favourites, MYC's debut album Happiness Machines is out now and well worth your time, synth circuit board bending that takes those well worn 80s Electro compilations, slips ambient collections behind the jewel case and throws the whole package into an industrial sanding machine. This taster plays with motorik rhythms, touches the electronic horrors of Zombie-Zombie and ends up back at 'VHS Pop' home base frazzled by the experience.

Love>Lore Moscow Youth Cult from Lo+LOAF TV on Vimeo.

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