Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tracklist: Katie Malco - For Just One Minute There

Yes, it's a girl with an acoustic guitar. But wait up, as Malco is no folkie ingenue as her recent signing to Alcopop! proves. Now London but originally from Fife, and claiming the Weakerthans and Refused among her influences she's closer to the effervescent pop of a Nat Johnson multiplied by the bewitched too close for comfort storytelling of Peggy Sue. If you remember our admiration circa 2008 for another Scot-originating singer-songwriter, Kat Flint, Malco isn't dissimilar, running on poised loveliness with semi-concealed bite. An EP comes in October, a tour with Matt Stagecoach and Warren Attika State in August.

Katie Malco - For Just One Minute There by alcopop

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