Monday, July 04, 2011

A grand day out: Summer Westival

According to the venue, Summer Westival is "bringing the whole community together". Some ambitious ideas about family friendliness, as you'll see, but West End Centre in Aldershot is going for it on July's fourth Friday and Saturday, putting down grass inside and inviting fancy dress and "hands-on arts activities".

In fairness, if any band is going to bring the whole community together in perhaps a more physical sense than intended, if not exactly prove most amenable to the kiddies of Hampshire, it's Saturday night headliners Dananananaykroyd. We've seen some disappointment regarding There Is A Way, but we've also seen them live very recently and can confirm that for sheer balls-out energy, wrecking ball riffage and patent dual ridiculousness upfront there is still nobody in Britain to touch them.

That's not to say some aren't trying. Athletic gear including headbands, crowd excursions (their mandolin usually ends up around someone else's neck by close of play) and absolute electrifying energy allied to off-kilter post-grunge/Weezer power-pop are what you get, and you'll be glad of it.

Hold Your Horse Is
We seem to be developing an archetype. Hold Your Horse Is play taut, tense, pummelling broken riffs and math-gone-grunge with some ferocity and no short amount of tightness, with the confidence of a band who already have a live record to their name.

ALSO: So presumably the Friday headliners are more palatable to an all ages audience expecting fun for all? Erm, no, it's Johnny Foreigner. One of them will swear in front of children. Several times. (Both headliners are also playing the ace Off The Cuff in Birmingham 22nd-24th July, as are Tubelord, Shoes And Socks Off, DD/MM/YYYY, Brontide, Tall Ships and Talons) Also there are Kid Carpet, Knifeworld, Freeze The Atlantic (two thirds of Reuben), Ellen And The Escapades, Our Lost Infantry and The Xcerts, plus an acoustic stage starring Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell.

Calendar: 22nd-23rd July
Tickets: £10 per day via WeGotTickets: Friday, Saturday

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