Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tracklist: The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard

Also of the recently Tracklisted Conquering Animal Sound, Jamie Scott has long mined fuzzy lo-fi pop with a dark ambient heart on the side. His new 10" vinyl EP with free stick of rock (genuinely), Surrender To Summer, attempts to make out it's a hazy bedroom summer jam of the type people are always going on about Washed Out and the like as being. Thing is you don't get much of that while sequestered in Edinburgh so instead it's a hook filtered through a funnel of airy psychedelia, where vocal effects tear apart from the harmony and literal bells and metaphorical whistles decorate the back end of the mix before it drifts to a blissful end.

Summer Sun Skateboard by Song, by Toad

The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

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