Saturday, February 06, 2010

Twenty new names, five days: part four

This Many Boyfriends
From: Leeds
Blurb: A shambles is a shambles is a shambles, but sometimes it's an attractive shambles. Not unsurprisingly playing tonight with Internet Forever in Sheffield (and again in Derby on the 21st), they have a song called I Don't Like You (Cos You Don't Like The Pastels), a female stand-up drummer and fuzz pedals. Their biography defiantly ends 'WE ARE NOT TWEE'.
RIYL: The Pooh Sticks, Ballboy, Beat Happening

Is Tropical
From: South London
Blurb: Caution here, maybe - they're big in *those* capital circles, wear masks and are, like Yuck, touring with Egyptian Hip-Hop. However, hold hard, for these purvey fidgety post-electro full of fills too good for nu-rave, angularities too goggle eyed for post-punk revivalism and dark lo-fi electronics, all with a sense of the playful close to hand.
RIYL: Metronomy, Klaxons, Mystery Jets

Saturday's Kids
From: South Wales
Blurb: Named after a Jam song they may be, but their sound owes nothing to mod-punk and quite a bit to the fine art of the unholy racket. Fugazi tautness is splintered by post-hardcore guitars thrown into and across each other in restless shapes. They're 17. Yeah, that's the kind of detail that makes us feel that so much greyer.
RIYL: early Nirvana, Rites Of Spring, Lovvers

The Man From Another Place
From: Edinburgh
Blurb: This shares next to nothing in common with any of the above. Named after the oddly cadenced jazz dancing dwarf from Twin Peaks, it seems like the sort of unsettling chamber Brian Wilson-esque orchestration Lynch might use - indeed it's described by the mysterious self as "soundtrack music to a lost film". See, we've wasted all those other words.
RIYL: Burt Bacharach, Angelo Badalamenti, The High Llamas

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