Monday, February 15, 2010

Monster mash

Can't help thinking we've not really covered anything that's been balls-out freakazoid for a while. Leeds' These Monsters pretty much do that trick. Signed to Brew records, also home of similarly ferocious post-hardcoreites Kong, Chickenhawk and Castrovalva, and sometime support to an extraordinary range of bands from Oceansize, 65daysofstatic, Mono and HEALTH to Foals, iLiKETRAiNS, Broken Records and The Fall (Mark E must have been making for the venue power supply by the end of their set), they collide heavy riffs and bass with desperate down-a-well shouting, proggish time shifts and, on this title track from their March 1st debut album, No Wave sax skronking. Imagine some unholy amalgam of Shellac, Oxes and King Crimson locked in an airtight room and you might be getting there.

These Monsters - Call Me Dragon

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