Sunday, February 07, 2010

Twenty new names, five days: part five

Past Lives
From: Seattle
Blurb: This is what became of several members of post-hardcore quasi-legends The Blood Brothers after their 2007 breakup, chiefly vocalist Jodan Blilie (twin brother of the Gossip's drummer, fact fans) Debut album Tapestry Of Webs, out in America on February 23rd, finds them in more considered mood, musically if not entirely mentally, a darkly whirling, occasionally muscular take on the more cloudy ends of post-punk. No European dates booked yet, but they're touring with the Thermals in April.
RIYL: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Liars

Black Cab Casino
From: Newcastle. Or Sunderland, depending on where you read it
Blurb: There's definitely something in the water up in the north east nowadays that's enabling bands to take much covered influences and put a fresh, able spin on it all. Formed just last summer at least in this formation, the trio have the jerky, melodic in broken pieces spin of your favourite post-punk revivalists, but streamline it into something ominous and shuddering with a certain early rock'n'roll edge. Retro and modern at the same time, just as it could be.
RIYL: Frankie & The Heartstrings, Bloc Party (Silent Alarm only), Black Kids

The Shitty Limits
From: Reading
Blurb: Darlings of the DIY scene, whatever that means these days, these are short songs of crashing snotty Nuggets garage rock, art-punk and hints of post-hardcore in a very loud lo-fi package. Apparently, obviously, they're a literal riot live. Oh, and they go only by initials and refuse to give interviews. OF COURSE.
RIYL: Wire, Ikara Colt, Male Bonding

Trash Kit
From: London
Blurb: And more artful DIY no-fi to conclude. An all-girl trio signed to Upset The Rhythm and featuring an ex-Electrelaner, their songs jerk about all over the place in seemingly uncultured at first but clearly very much so insidious whirlwinds of drumming frenzies, fractured riffs, Afrobeat rhythms and intertwined vocal shouts. All very early 80s Rough Trade, and all very intriguing. Album set for May.
RIYL: No Wave in general, The Raincoats, Fair Ohs

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