Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekly Sweep

  • The Associates - Club Country [Myspace]
  • Cat Power - Lived In Bars [YouTube]
  • Clinic - Harvest [YouTube]
  • Dartz! - St Petersburg [YouTube]
  • The Decemberists - When The War Came [mp3 from Good Weather For Airstrikes] (January?! Really?)
  • Grizzly Bear - Knife [mp3 from Macktronic]
  • Hot Chip - Over And Over [YouTube]
  • Jeremy Warmsley - I Believe In The Way You Move [YouTube]
  • Johnny Boy - Johnny Boy Theme [Myspace]
  • Klaxons - Magick [Myspace] (Actually, Simon Reynolds nailed what New Rave actually is recently, or at least the Klaxons part of it - the Lo-Fidelity Allstars on DFA. Admittedly we never much liked the Lo-Fis apart from Battleflag, but that's about got it. Again, you can't actually imagine this being played at an old-skool rave, can you?)
  • The Lucksmiths - The Music Next Door [live YouTube]
  • Luke Haines - Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop [YouTube]
  • McCarthy - Should The Bible Be Banned? [Myspace] (Were on C86, featured pre-Stereolab Tim Gane (and Laetitia Sadier briefly), were political, were great)
  • Mechanical Bride - Poor Boy [YouTube] (Transgressive strike again - Brightonian Lauren Doss with a very modernist shot at folk-blues)
  • Misty's Big Adventure - Fashion Parade [YouTube (As seen, bizarrely, on The Box on Friday. And yes, of course now we've seen the video we're highly doubtful of that story we linked to last week, but in a way that's half the fun of it)
  • Neosupervital - Rachel [YouTube]
  • Patrick Wolf - Accident And Emergency [YouTube]
  • Pull Tiger Tail - Animator [YouTube]
  • Tilly And The Wall - Rainbows In The Dark [YouTube]
  • The Young Knives - The Decision [YouTube]
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