Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our Maxwell House nixed at the planning stage

Well, what would you rather do with your Wednesday evening then watch a load of adverts involving Madness?

Indeed, while we don't recall this one quite a few seem to - Colgate reinterpreting Baggy Trousers. Oddly, most of the kids actually appear to have been styled into representations of members of the band. There's a definite Suggs and Chas Smash in there, and we're not totally convinced that's not actually Bedders at 0:21. The girl is supposed to be Woody, at a guess. The American toothpaste awareness market bizarrely got their own version for something called Colgate Pump. Apparently this is fondly remembered by many Stateside, but why rewrite the lyrics and use not only the original song (Madness only hit big with Our House there) but also by the sounds of it the original singers? They've even changed the bell!

Not that Madness couldn't appear as themselves in the selling market, although like everyone they went to do their work out of harm's way, or so it must have seemed at the time, in Japan, annoying waitresses, leaving Chas Smash round the back and, yes, being amateur ninjas in the name of the Honda City, Nutty Training wherever they go. Incidentally, the theme of these was rewritten for the really quite good In The City, which turned up on Complete Madness with two Japanese blokes co-credited. More recently Suggs has been earning his Norwich Union voiceover corn, but fifteen years ago or so they got the Sekonda gig. Prince Buster would turn in his grave if he were dead. Maybe this clip will kill him. Who knows.

So, what's your favourite Madness single/video? This was always ours.


RJ said...

A shame Madness weren't big in America, or maybe not, always had the idea they didn't really care.
Still love 'em though, great band, terrific songs and difficult to pick out one favourite track or video.
Love the Baggy trousers and Tomorrow's vids, and the ones they made for Cardiac arrest, It must be love and Shut up, but I'll go for House of fun now (even though that could have been changed by tomorrow).

Anonymous said...

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