Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekender : it's used the Internet to build its reputation

CHART OF DARKNESS: Lots of people from the Internet bought When The Sun Goes Down to make it almost the least surprising number one of 2006. The top four are new entries, the chasing being led this time by Notorious BIG, who surely couldn't chase anyone very well when he was alive, but Nasty Girl benefits from Nelly and P Diddy doing all the work to leave them atop Will Young's brave attempt at a non-muzak laden ballad and Beyonce's sleepwalk through, oh lord oh christ oh no, the theme from the remake of The Pink Panther. Hi-Tack's sampling of Say Say Say, which we'll blame on Heather letting the sample through while Paul was out on, we dunno, business, is at 8, Son Of Dork remind us that Busted split at the right time at 10, Belle & Sebastian's drive for the middle ground gathers pace at 13, ¡Forward, Russia! give the Guiness Book Of British Hit Singles typesetters headaches at 34 and Sway becomes the latest next big UK urban thing to do next to nothing at 38. The album chart meanwhile has gone mad, as well placed singles and sales mean Hard-Fi atop the list 29 weeks after Stars Of CCTV, or at least this version, was released, with Editors at 2. Editors! Number two! Jose Gonzalez, surely ill served by everyone calling him a new singer-songwriter before admitting that Heartbeats is a cover, joins the top ten at 7, Simon Webbe fails to fizzle out as expected and instead climbs 18 at 20 - what are they doing, handing copies out at the door? - while 50 Cent and G Unit's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' limps in at 43. See, no good without Eminem to back you up or feuds to suddenly break out, are you?

BARGAIN HUNT: Why you'd price something up at £4.49, even in a sale, we're not quite sure, but that's the price HMV is selling The Queen Is Dead at.

FREE MUSIC: Save yourself a couple of quid - Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's Ramblin' Man

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: Sky Larkin, as alerted to the wider world by Take Your Medicine and surely next cab off the New Yorkshire rank, sounding like the Breeders playing at being Bloc Party.

BLOG ROLLING: See You In The Pit features only acts playing at South By Southwest this year, but there's thousands of them so it could be up for a while. Also, if you missed the Top 65 Videos link before it went down on Friday, it's now been Torrented.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: A collection of Wedding Present videos! Some of them made on a tangible budget too.


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