Sunday, January 15, 2006

In shops tomorrow: 16/1


Ah, now it's picking up. The big one is of course When The Sun Goes Down by the Arctic Monkeys, engaging itself in the year's first big number one battle against Will Young and Beyonce. Who'd have thought? Somewhere down the list we find Belle & Sebastian's opinion splitting return single Funny Little Frog, a horribly mislabelled on Amazon Twelve by !Forward, Russia!, perhaps their best invocation of post-Fugazi dynamics and annoying to type insistence on Cyrillic punctuation, and the fairly touted nu-shoegazers The Early Years debut properly with All Ones And Zeros. On vinyl look out for Clearlake's Good Clean Fun, Secret Machines' return in a grandiose if still much the same manner with Alone, Jealous & Stoned and our record of the week, Cat Power's sumptuous The Greatest, only on 7" but as previously mentioned here on Radio 2's playlist anyway, supported by an as usual mildly distracted interview with Australia's The Age.


It's ironic that a week ahead of the official UK release of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's album the first four Talking Heads albums are being reissued, this time on DualDisc format in Special Edition mode. What this means is the original versions have yet again been remastered, or you could turn the CD over, study the Bible on grain of rice-sized text around the hole just to make sure you're now on the DVDA side and listen to demos and live versions you don't need and a couple of videos and TV appearances. Alternatively you could just go to eBay and buy previous, non-bells and whistles versions on the cheap. Have fun with those 2006 profit margins, WEA. Like everyone Fear Of Music is our favourite, followed by Remain In Light, More Songs About Buildings And Food and Talking Heads: 77. Also in the re-release tray are Ride's OX4 best of and the Blue Aeroplanes' Swagger, the 1990 some say lost classic of lit-leftfield-rock also deluxing itself with live versions, rarities and demos. Among the new product that can only dream of remastering suites, the harmonic generation dreampop of Mazarin's We're Already There stands out.

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