Sunday, January 29, 2006

In shops tomorrow: 30/1


Well, this week's a right washout, being seemingly a straight fight between Chris Brown, not the one who contributes to our comments boxes but an Usheralike seemingly only signed to win the American R&B Star With A Less Showbiz Name Than Mike Jones award, and an inevitable re-release of You Spin Me Round, only worth mentioning because a) Pete Burns doesn't want it and b) it allows us to mention the showbiz magazine strapline we saw in the week, 'EXCLUSIVE: Pete Burns before the surgery'. Exclusive! If only anyone had thought to take official photos of him in the mid-80s, eh? While we consider the offshoots that might have happened if Billy Childish had taken up a genuine offer to appear in the last Celebrity Big Brother, you'll be considering the new mix of the Go! Team's Ladyflash.


With Walk The Line out at the end of the week there's a rush on Johnny Cash releases, not least the movie soundtrack itself, Joaquin Phoenix doing a pretty good version of the voice and Reese Witherspoon giving it some decent enough June Carter Cash. Their actual musical output together is compiled on Duets, while if you don't already have Folson and San Quentin live Prison Albums is a must. Elsewhere The Crimea's Tragedy Rocks gets a full scale Warners release, only Coldcut's fourth proper album Sound Mirrors is an eclectic affair that ranges from folktronica to dancefloor hip hop and features Roots Manuva, Jon Spencer and Saul Williams, the Infadels don't totally transfer their live energy to We Are Not The Infadels but give it a good shake nonetheless, and the chalk/cheese stylings of Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's Ballad Of The Broken Seas gives off a folk-tinged Glen Campbell and Nancy Sinatra vibe.


deleteasappropriate said...

Applause to Warners for not deleting the old version of Tragedy Rocks in advance of the re-release (although the fact that it's been £7.99 in HMV for a week at least already probably won't help their chances of a high chart position)

Anonymous said...

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